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Lula Young was a Gwich’in Athabascan Native from Fort Yukon, Alaska, eight miles above the Arctic Circle.  Lula Young was born the third of ten children to John Fredson and Jean Ribaloff.  Lu’s father John was the first Alaska Native to graduate from college, something she was very proud of and spoke of often. It was in Fort Yukon where, as a young bookkeeper, Lu met and married a school teacher named Don Young, who she would spend 46 wonderful years with.  Together, they were blessed with two daughters, Joni and Dawn, who would eventually give them fourteen grandchildren.  


The bond of marriage that Lu and Don shared was admired by many.  They were a team, and as a team, entered public service together in 1964, first as Mayor of Fort Yukon, then in the Alaskan State House and Senate, and finally being elected to the U.S. Congress in 1973.  Lu served every day by Congressman Young’s side, as an ambassador for the Native people, and for all Alaskans.


The Lu Young Children’s Fund (LYCF) was started in 2004 out of Lu’s love of Alaska’s children and her desire to help them and their families. She wanted the less fortunate, the sick, and homeless children of Alaska receive the resources and help they need to continue with healthy, happy lives.


In 2009, Lu passed away.  Mrs. Young was a formidable lady who was always working on behalf of Alaska Native children. Her presence in the lives of these children continues today.

Supporting Alaska’s Native Children

From his days as a school teacher in Alaska to his job as the longest-serving member of Congress, U.S. Representative Don Young worked to improve the lives of Alaska’s Native children. For 46 years, Lu Young was by his side serving Alaska.


The Lu Young Children’s Fund was created in 2004 to leave a legacy of support for Alaska’s

Native children and their families. Through the fund, we provide the outreach and support these families need and deserve to live happier, healthier lives. Our support of Alaska’s Native Children includes donating to organizations that offer services to combat mental health issues and homelessness, and that provide early childhood development services to give our children a solid foundation for success in life.

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